Delta sleep-inducing peptide DSIP

Item No.: DSIP
DSIP stands for Delta sleep inducing peptide. It is a neuropeptide that induces spindle or delta EEG activity when entering the midbrain ventricle and reduces motor activity. DSIP It is very effective in treating insomnia and improving sleep quality.
Delta sleep-inducing peptide DSIP
1. Product Introduction of peptide DSIP
If you are suffering from insomnia and want to find a practical and effective method, you can use DSIP. After using it, you can enjoy better sleep. DSIP delta is a neuropeptide that induces spindle or delta EEG activity when entering the midbrain ventricle and reduces motor activity. So it can treat your insomnia. In addition to having a good therapeutic effect on insomnia, he can also treat chronic pain, and is also effective in treating epilepsy and regulating immune function.
Item Name Delta DSIP
CAS No. 62568-57-4
Specification 2mg/vial and 10vials/box
Purity Over 99%
Molecular Formular C35H48N10O15
Storage Temperature 2-8℃ in fridge
Function Delta sleep-inducing DSIP
Appearance White freeze-dried powder
Certification COA, HPLC, GMP
Shelf life 2 years
Shipping 5-10 days by DHL/FEDEX/USPS etc.
Delivery service
We will delivery the package to our customers by the best shipping way and provide re-ship service if package seized by custom
2. Main function of peptide DSIP
(1)DSIP is to help people fall asleep and maintain deep sleep. DSIP can be used alone to help sleep, or it can be used with other peptides.
(2)DSIP can reduce the level of basal cortisol and prevent the release of this negative hormone. It can promote the release of growth hormone and prevent the production of somatostatin. When used with HGH, the effect of muscle gain is more obvious.
(3)DSIP can relieve people's stress, normalize blood pressure, improve cell antioxidant effect and reduce cell damage.

3. The recommended dosage of peptide DSIP
If you have not used DSIP before, you can start using it at 100mcg and slowly increase the dosage to 200mcg until you are satisfied with the effect.
DSIP is the same as other peptide forms. They are stored in freeze-dried form. When you use it, you need to use bacteriostatic water or sterile water for configuration. After configuration, use islet syringe for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection .
4. Our Advantage
Product advantage
  1. High purity, all over 98.5%, there won’t have any impurity after it dissolved
  2. Every batch we will do the test to make sure the quality
  3. OEM and private label service with free design
  4. Various cap color for choose
  5. We also could provide the Raw material powder of MT1 peptide
Factory advantage
  1. Professional research team
  2. High tech R&D laboratory over 5 PhD
  3. Over 1000㎡ factory manufacture line to make sure the supply stable
  4. Over 1200 works to manufacture products and control the quality
Service advantage
  1. 24h online service
  2. Track package information throughout and update it for customer
  3. Professional sales team
  4. Small order accepted service
  5. Re-ship service if seize by custom
5. FAQ of the peptide DSIP
Q: Are you manufacture or Trading company?
A: We are manufacture and we also have our lab.
Q: How to make an order ?
A: Just please contact us and send the requirements details to us.
Q: How to ship the package and how many days arrive at destination?
A: We will delivery the package to you after received your payment by DHL, FEDEX, USPS, HKPOST etc. And it need take about 7-10 days to your hand.
Q: Can you do the re-ship if the package seize by custom?
A: Yes, we do the re-ship service for our customers.
Q: Can you do the private label and what’s the MOQ?
A: We can do the private label with free design, but the MOQ should be 300boxes above.
Q: How can i make the private label?
A: Just please let me know your requirements of main color of box, logo and the words you wanna make it on the box and sticker. We have designer to design it for you . We will manufacture it until you satisfied.
Q: Which payment ways i can use?
A: We could accept T/T (Bank transfer), Western Union, Trade Assurance in Alibaba.
Q: Do you have any guarantee of the quality?
A: Yes, we could provide your the certification of COA, HPLC, GMP etc. And we could send the blood test to your from our other customers either.
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